Are you getting the most from your device?

We can breathe a new lease of life into your system with our repair and health check service. Whether it’s a repair because something has become damaged or an upgrade to unleash more power from your computer! r you just want to ensure your computer software is up to date and hardware is running smoothly.

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Full Service Price List:

Service Price
Computer Healthcheck - Hardware check. Windows updated to date. Drivers updated. Virus and malware scan. Redundant file clean up, orphaned registry entries cleaned, de-fragmentation of hard drive, unnecessary start up programs stopped, cooling and power supply system cleaned and new thermal paste applied to heatsink. £20
Virus Removal - Removal of any virus's and malware on your computer. £10
Re-installation / installation of Operating System - Documents backed up, new operating system installed including all drivers, backed up files scanned for computer virus’s and replaced. aswell as our Computer healthcheck service included to keep everything up to date. £40
Computer Hardware Repairs - If hardware cannot be repaired it can be replaced by a same, similar or better component. A price can be given upon a free inspection. £30 Labor + Price of components
Computer Upgrades - Upgrades to memory, graphic cards, hard drives etc can easily be performed. we can take your computer and give you a recommended upgrade path, in some cases giving you a virtually new computer inside the existing case, the only limit is your imagination. £30 Labor + Price of components