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This tutorial will show you how to connect to FTP and upload or download files to and from your server, we will cover the 2 main ways which is via the control panel itself and using an FTP client.

Using The Multicraft FTP Web Client:

  1. Log into Multicraft: Go to the Control Panel and enter your Multicraft username and password
  2. Click on "My Servers" of the left navigation panel
  3. Click on "Files" tab in the navigation panel on the left

4. Enter your Multicraft password and click on the "Login" button

Now you will see the contents of your server each file and folder that is used to run your server. The information below will explain what you can do when using the Multicraft FTP Web Client:

  • Click on a sub-directory to view the contents of the folder
  • Click on the "Up .." directory to move back to the parent directory
  • Click on the "Name", "Type", "Size", and "Mod Time" column headers to sort the directory listing by those attributes 
  • Click on a file name to download the file to your pc, (folders are not downloadable)
  • Click on the edit link to the right of certain files, this will allow you to modify its contents.
  • Clicking the checkbox to the left of a file or folder and then clicking the corrosponding button to your action (move, delete, rename) will allow you to move the file/folder, delete it from your server or rename it to something else.
  • The options of the left navigation bar will allow you to create a Directory (Folder), create a File, Upload a file and return to the previous page.
  • Click the "All" column header to select all the files/folders

Using an FTP Client (WinSCP)

First you'll need to download WinSCP from here:

Once you have downloaded and installed Winscp open it and follow the below instructions:

1. Click "new site" in the left hand menu
2. Now change the "File protocol" dropdown menu to "FTP"
3. Now enter your ftp username, password and hostname (these are displayed within the multicraft ftp web client or in your welcome email)
4. once you've done that click the "Login" button

Now you will be able to see your server files on the right hand side and your pc on the left hand side, to download a file to your pc drag it from your server directory to your pc and to upload files you can drag from your pc to your server directory.

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