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In this tutorial i will explain how you can use your own custom jar file instead of our pre-defined ones follow the instructions below.

Enabling the Use of a Custom Jar

1. Login to the Multicraft Control Panel
2. Go to the your server and where the dropdown jar selection menu is choose "Custom Uploaded Jar"
3. Now click "Save" at the bottom.

Uploading Your Custom Jar

1. Login to FTP in Multicraft, you can access this by clicking the "Files" tab on the left hand menu and selecting "FTP File Access" from the list

2. Now Enter your Multicraft Password and click "Login"

3. Now you'll see your servers main directory which has all your files and folders that are used to run your server, you'll want to click "Create Directory" in the left navigation menu.

4. Now create a new directory called "jars" and Upload your jar file into that directory and rename it to my.jar

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